'Body' Curated By Jhony Ml


Feb. 3, 2019 - April 25, 2019

The first ever two-month long national exhibition of contemporary art in the capital city ! As many as 56 artists from across the nation will showcase their work which includes paintings, sculptures, and installation at the Shangumugham Art Museum. The theme of the exhibition, curated by noted art curator and critic Johny ML is based on ‘body’. The exhibition will explore and present the intricacies of the human body from the point of view of these artists will conclude on March 31. Human body is one of the most contested sites; it is claimed, re-claimed, abandoned, vandalized, gendered, domesticated, enslaved, freed, purified, tortured, controlled, managed, abused, performed, stigmatized, divided, separated, celebrated, reified, defied, consecrated, desecrated, probed, explained, vindicated, justified, abstracted, defined and so on. Some of the socio-political and cultural forces that act upon the human bodies happen in an obvious fashion and some in subtle and latent fashions. However, human body is never located outside an ideologically charged zone. How do the artists understand these forces vis-à-vis the human bodies and their contentious relationship/s with such forces? This project is a visual enquiry into this so wonderfully decipherable entity called ‘human body’ Curator M.L. John said that the exhibition will be an artistic answer to those searching for the meaning of the human body.


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